The Dangers Of Formaldehyde In Food

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahhi Wabarakatuh

good morning everybody

how are you today, I hope both are fine and healthy always

ladies and gentleman

first of all let’s say our praise to god almighty’s blessings and graces that we can gather here in a healthy state. Well on this occasion I will deliver my speech about the dangers of formaldehyde in food.

What do you know what is formaldehyde? Formalin or Formaldehyde is a substance which is not flammable but the creature has avery pungent odor in formaldehyde contained approximately 37% formaldehyde in water is usually added to 15% methanol as a preservative.

Formaldehyde is know as a pest killer (disinfectant) and widely used in the industry. Formaldehyde is commonly used to preserve corpses, as material for liquid cleaners and is also used in the manufacture of household gadgets or plywood. In indonesia that formaldehyde is used as a food preservative, in fact it is strictly prohibited by the ministry of healthy in fact act. Formaldehyde may not be used as a food preservative because it is toxic substances that can cause several symptoms including throat feels the heat and the cancer that ultimately will affect other body organs.

Formaldehyde can be used for preservative foods such as instant noodles,meatballs or foods that instant. Therefore we as a nation that wants to live a healthy life should be careful in choosing foods that have been packaged in the form of bundle lots contain preservative like formaldehyde. Therefore i urge all friends to friends ao they don’t ionsume foods containing preservatives such as noodles or foods containing formaldehyde because if too often eat food that instant our bodies will be folluted with chemicals that can bring in diseases. That’s all can tell them, i apologize if there is an error in delivery for the attention of my brethren say thank you

Wabillahhitaufik walhidayah

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, good morning everybody


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