Robots in the home part 2


3. Reading skills

A. Pre-reading questions

1.) Robot can make our lives better in the future with helping us to do our daily activities, such as cooking, sweeping, ironint, etc. Meanwhile, robots make our live worse because we are too dependent by the robots’s performance. Not only too dependent but also make us lazy to do something because all the duties have done by the robot.

2.) The kinds of robots we would like to see are the robots can write something what we say and the robots keep our safe 24hours a day.


B. Reading

1.) Gates suggests that soon robots will adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.

2.) First, robots need a brain -a computer.

3.) If we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us.


C. Identifying topic and main idea

1.) c. robots in the home

2.) a. robots will improve our lives in many ways


E. Identifying opinions

a. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on       machines than ever.


Going beyond the text

3.) -Airline pilot

We disagree, because if the robot become the pilot, then the lives of passengers will be threatened in cause robots controlled by the system


We disagree, because cooking have to use the feeling and taste, meanwhile the robots don’t have them all


We disagree, because robots have been programmed by the systems, so they don’t know the new ill

-Police officer

We agree, because robots can watch out the traffic 24 hours a day, so no one can break the rule


We disagree, because the robots can not imitate human voice and robots’s voice not will as same as human voice

-Store clerk

We disagree, because the robots can not calculate and the robots can not understand what the buyers are ask

-Taxi driver

We agree, because it can help us to get where we want without any effort to employ people


We disagree, because the robots have programmed, so if we don’t understand the robots can not answers our questions


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