Expo Education

Monday evening on 9 May 2017 at 7:30 me and my friend visited the education expo in order to dies natalis untan.  I went to Dies Natalis Untan in Auditorium where there were many educational expo . For example UPT Bahasa , Amcor Untan , BCLC Untan , Kedai Prancis , Menwa , mipa faculty , and fkip Untan.That educational expo most of them graduated this year , because by this expo they can understand about Untan even only some of them shown .

I found many interesting expos and made me interested to approach him.

Finally we also approached the expo-expo that existed because expo-expo all displaying the works would have different advantages different from each of them all

  1. At First , I went to MIPA stand. In chemistry stand there were many products for example soap with the shape of flower , aroma theraphy and we also could practice the correct titrasi.
  2. Next to UPT Bahasa stand. What make it interesting is the free training for Untan students for english , france , etc
  3. Third to Amcor Untan Stand , but it closed and I took picture there . From what I know , Amcor used for seminar about english , because once I went there when I was a senior high school student.
  4. Four  to Menwa stand , there I met some Menwa members . They said the uniqueness of this stand are the awards . Because Menwa learn about discipline , martial arts  , etc .
  5. Next  to forestry faculty . There I saw many handicrafts and preparat.
  6. In statistic i go to studio data . There , people can analyze data by paying 20000 and there was also a photobooth .
  7. I come to Kedai Prancis , I like it because there was an eiffel tower and many offers about study in france .

8. in fkip Untan Which consists of chemistry, mathematics and biology in the stand there are animals like snakes, frogs that have been in durable use mercury and also there is a free blood type test, The camel fkip booth also provides blood pressure gauges, as well as the formula of the born and dalton atoms created by creative chemistry students



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