My Bussines


For you who later will be a housewife, if you want to make business as good as its looking for opportunities that many people are interested in. As we all know in Indonesia, the majority of the population is Muslim, so Muslim dress and hijab in this country is needed. So if you open a business selling Muslim fashion will grow and many buyers.

To make Muslim dress and headscarf with a trends or own brand little need time to be widely known by the community, with it must prepare a design and convection colleagues who specifically handle Muslim clothes. Almost when Ramadhan month Muslim clothes will be many visitors to buy muslim clothes to wear during eid especially for women.

Women will look for new models because they do not want to be outdated, and we as sellers have to be careful and sell clothes with new models that will attract many buyers and boutiques that we open will be many who visit it. Opening a boutique business for Muslim clothing is a suitable business and requires a relatively small capital, and also now many women are proud to wear Muslim clothes from the clothes that do not cover the genitalia.

The first thing to consider when first opening a boutique business is to be brave to compete with other sellers, in the sense of competing in a healthy and no envy with others if many other boutique people who visit than our own boutique, as a beginner to open a business Naturally if not a lot to visit, the boutique is still empty customers, but it does not become a barrier to continue our business that we open it. And must keep the spirit to run the business so as not to close, so we have to find customers so that our business many enthusiasts.


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