Dialog About Robots In The Home Dian Andriani and Kurnia Dewi

Dian    : Hello, good morning kurnia

Kurnia : Hello, good morning Dian, Dian I have a good idea for you

Dian     : What it is ?

Kurnia : I will make a robot

Dian     : Really ?are you serious ?

Kurnia : I am serious, I will make a robot.

Dian     : what one of the key feature your robots and describe its appearance and you want to give the

name of the robot ?

Kurnia : I think, I want make a robot look like winged horse anad I want give name the robots is smart


Dian    : good idea kurnia, I want to ask you. What do you want your robot to do ?

Kurnia : I want the robot to do to took me around the world.

Dian     : wow, how much price the robot your make if you will sell it ?

Kurnia : I will sell it the robot with price one hundred million.

Dian     : wow, its really smart. What the robots can do ?and how the robot will communicate ?

Kurnia : the robot can do is fly, can be usual horse and the robot is able to plowing wet rice field. The

robot can understand if we speak and the robot will respond your speak with appear writing in

foreheadit as response your question.

Dian     : its really good idea. I hope that your plan success

Kurnia : thank Dian for your prayer.

Dian     : your welcome kurnia.




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