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My brother had a class during high school who now lectures in advance, but we are studying different. He was a very humorous bias is said to be friends with her if we would always laugh a stomach ache because he is a man who every day are always cheerful even when in high school he belonged to ordinary people in the academic field. With a mediocre IQ does not make him inferior and always confident in front of people to show their ability. Although not a genius like friends classmates he always want to show themselves to the excess bias seen. The surplus that not all people have is to entertain others and makes others laugh it off as not having life problems. Such is the way to get along with others “he”. Let’s call him JOKO college student STKIP PGRI PONTIANAK he is now a student of the history of 4th semester, although half of 4, but he has a lot to show his skills on campus that can play a musical instrument, can sing although she did not sound like the artist famous artist, but can serve as entertainment. during his high school he was a very gregarious guy with a girl even though he, rarely he gathered during recess and class with a guy with a girl but her often. Until a friend’s boyfriend said he was fit to be a girl with style and her social and mouth speak out her. Until now I still college course he was friends with a girl, but not like before that befriended the girls, at least has been transformed from the first. Already today rarely gathered together with him because it’s known now have their own activities. He also always exercise drum band so busy every day. Although Jim is a man, but he had good at makeup while other people’s faces when he is an artisan performing arts make up the face without having paid or free because he is very happy to help people. His expertise clever make up the faces of is advantages that not all men possess. speak  briefly talk to him he tells a great student not only college students with high student achievement index. social community but not at all even in one house alone rarely speak so the atmosphere is tense, life should be enjoyed if not life always be serious. Life will never be colored if we just stuck with one thing we want to achieve, but we do not know what we will enjoy in the future, and that is really the purpose of our lives. We live only one life would that we use this one to the best of helpful essential to our own or others. Besides the key to success is hard work, thanks to what we have today and most importantly pray. lest we fail with this life, our purpose in life is to die, if we die what can we leave behind in this world if we are only busy during the lifetime of the business that are not important and beneficial. The important thing now is to divide time between study and worship our organization to the creator. Besides that confidence is the main thing for us to demonstrate our strengths to others until the other person is really  realized if we have advantages that others do not necessarily her have.


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