Hello, the successor to the nation, i will tell with you  if this life without education, many people think that education is important but not a few who think that education is not important, especially for people living in rural and remote  areas they consider that education is not important for they better work than school why work can make money while school just throwing of money, of education more we get especially knowledge. Education gives us a lot of knowledge about various things and everything related to the world, education to provide insight thinking wrong thoughts of our mind and provide clear picture of the things that are around us to avoid confusion so as evoke the spirit within back again that education is very important for us because it not only gives us knowledge but teach us about manners and respect the right things. Foster education we become individual who are mature individuals who are able to plan the future and make the right decisions in life. Good education will make us more humane. If the above me said that one of the reasons people think that education is less important because the school is not still hard to find work. Than  that we change the way  they think that with education we can easily get a job, as long  as it attempted and positive thinking alone. Although education is not registered in the three basic human needs are food, clothing, and home but education is as important as three things. Education can help the progress of the nation for the future of the nation safe in the hands of educated people. Education is essential for social development and economic growth of the nation. Therefore, education is very important we can’t  imagine  if live without education, this life will be messed up everybody does not know to read and write there are no rules in life, Do not know about manners, Do not know about the development of the technology and how to use  theme due to lack of knowledge. Therefore there is  a saying pursue science down to the land of CHINA,  of the adage that we can draw the conclusion that wherever we are education is very important for us to pursue, so us not to be left behind and can advances this country.


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