Hello friends , remain faithful to read my blog posts .good I’ll tell you a little about my skills .what you know about what skills it? Skill is the ability of a person someone is different depending .skill certainly.skill usually comes from a hobby we, with our hobby we’ve always dug up to be a human skill.every created with the advantages and disadvantages of each and every person has the skills each on her self.skill divided into two kinds of hard skills and intellectual skills while softskill.hardskill is a soft skill that is have the ability at someone on her I think I also have the skills, although not in hardskill I also have skills in my softskill Initially I thought I did not have any skills because in a particular field eg in making crafts I rarely although once could have taught a few times, and in playing musical instruments such as guitars have often once I learned to teach builders say that I could not competent in the field  talked about.i started to search what is actually a skill that is in me and I have because I am confused that really became the   my skills. I finally found my skill is cooking why I can say to cook because I like to cook, although not very good at cooking at least from a hobby over time will become a skill.i delighted if asked to help cooking aids especially if asked to make a cake like cookie day of celebration at end of  fasting month . above all made cake her celebration at end of fasting month , day passes are not felt until iftar. I love to make her less although I want to eat it .i would love to be an expert cook can let  go through with order that i can cooking  all the family and my mother did not need to cook longer.honest my mother’s cooking was awful but my opinion does not yet certainly by others. because they say the mother tastier dishes from cuisines of others therefore I say my mother’s cooking delicious.because say food would you find if it is far away from their parents my mother cuisine is also felt at this time greatly missed by mother’s cooking I .sometimes we cook exactly the same as mother’s cooking, but it will feel incomplete because it is not our own mother’s cooking though others say our cuisine tasty but according to our own dishes were still less than perfect for us person.that I tasted During overseas this.back more storytelling skills challenge me.finnaly certainly know now what my skill, my skill is cooking.why cooking because I think the days have passed unnoticed cooking runs every time and also with cooking can dispose of saturation and longing with her beloved mother.
Thus, each skill you can let you know the skill that is in each of you like me who have found that me.although skill that every woman can do.
Thank you for taking the time Yag read my blog.
see you to the next time to my next blogs.

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