Why I Continue My Study to University Level


I believe nothing is impossible because God and  nothing efforts betrayed results.


Assalamu’alaikum  Warahmaatullahi  wabarakatuh…………. and good afternoon readers.Welcome in the my blog.

Hello friends,first  i will acquaint my name because with acquaint a name to acquaintance.My name is Dian Andriani i from “SUBAH”  Sambas regency.I born on date 13 July 1998  in my beloved  village that  is SAMBAS.I first child our from four brother.

Okey readers,i will tell someabout  school time from Elementary Education School,Junior  High School and then Senior High Schoo,tell direct first i school in elementary education school  during six year  then i continue  junior high school during three year and then three year in senior high school.During the twelft year  very the one who  i get from begin knowledge have many friends and also teachers who very good to we  as her students.Possible her merits  can not answer .This moments also not forget will merits my teachers who educate me during rights know and understanding and can understand.

Ehm…….the onl y information a galance about school time me.Friends,i will tell about what who rights will me tell in here and very important to in know.First i after  natioal examination i think after school pass i break to work look for.I  good  more  work  better than just continue University level because will parents add  to load.if me continue University Level many money who will used up.Finished University level me also future become unemployment and i a woman also will to go  my kitchen and only will serve my husband and for not work the is certain fault thinking.But think after to return this me a woman and if i not  continue university level and also at this  moments senoir high school graduate not already many consuct to work.And then i to break University Level  continue although first University level enter money parents waste but good willing aftr finished study i will work search with easy.My Teacher  register i strip SNMPTN but i not slip off  in strip SNMPTN and then i register  strip SBMPTN And then finally i slip off in the strip SBMPTN  amongst by thousand people.I verry happy because i can strip in kimia sector .I remember  first child  a woman at least can  parents soften and  i can defray my brother if they willl university level continue because see my parents who will old and my parents will rightfully proud with her child if her  child success.

They also wish what not with her child be sides they only wish her child always remember  with  them.there is wish all parents with her child.After University level pass,i work already i will marry i will  have husband not only my husband who have ultimate but i have ultimate also,the also will load soften time will come and can happy live with family.

Oke friends  th also i tell with you ,thank for a have reading.

Assalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and good afternoon friends.


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