1. How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours?List them.
answer:I used at least 10
1. Smartphone(telephone)
2. Laptops
3. Speaker
4. Iron
5. Regrigerator
6. Air conditioner
7. Television
8. Rice cooker
9. Printer
10. Washing machine

2. What activities do robots do today?what other things would you like them to do?
answer:1. robots make my clothes clean.
2. robots help me cook rice.
3. robots can make my floor clean.
4. robots can help me finished my school tasks(with email) and communicate with other people.

– it would be great if robots could give me a small things that i could not reach at the other place/room and robots could give me wherever i went and stayed with me.

3. yes,there are.i think we should keeping our healthy with doing some physical exercise and i think we should do our house work with our selves because our body needs to move so our metabolisme goes well.

1. Adopt(Mengadopsi)
define:to take voluntarily a child of other parent as ones own child.
2. Effort(Upaya)
define:something done by exertion or hard work.
3. Aid(Bantuan)
define:to provide support for relief to help.
4. Force(Kekuatan,Memaksa)
define:physical power or strength possessed by a living being.
5. Career(Karir)
define:an occupation or profession ,especially one requiring special training followed as ones life work.
6. Oppose(Lawan)
define:to set againts is some relation,especially demonstrate a comparison or contrast.
7. Code(Kode)
define:a system for communication by telegraph,telephone,heliograph,etc in which long and short sounds,light flashed,etc are used to symbolize the content of a message.
8. Potential(Potensi,Kemampuan)
define:capable of development into actually potential benefits
9. Doubt(Ragu)
define:to be uncertain about consider questionable or unlikely hesitate to believe.
10. Serve(Melayani)
define:to offer or have a meal or refreshments available as for patrons or guests.


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