The Dangers Of Formaldehyde In Food

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahhi Wabarakatuh

good morning everybody

how are you today, I hope both are fine and healthy always

ladies and gentleman

first of all let’s say our praise to god almighty’s blessings and graces that we can gather here in a healthy state. Well on this occasion I will deliver my speech about the dangers of formaldehyde in food.

What do you know what is formaldehyde? Formalin or Formaldehyde is a substance which is not flammable but the creature has avery pungent odor in formaldehyde contained approximately 37% formaldehyde in water is usually added to 15% methanol as a preservative.

Formaldehyde is know as a pest killer (disinfectant) and widely used in the industry. Formaldehyde is commonly used to preserve corpses, as material for liquid cleaners and is also used in the manufacture of household gadgets or plywood. In indonesia that formaldehyde is used as a food preservative, in fact it is strictly prohibited by the ministry of healthy in fact act. Formaldehyde may not be used as a food preservative because it is toxic substances that can cause several symptoms including throat feels the heat and the cancer that ultimately will affect other body organs.

Formaldehyde can be used for preservative foods such as instant noodles,meatballs or foods that instant. Therefore we as a nation that wants to live a healthy life should be careful in choosing foods that have been packaged in the form of bundle lots contain preservative like formaldehyde. Therefore i urge all friends to friends ao they don’t ionsume foods containing preservatives such as noodles or foods containing formaldehyde because if too often eat food that instant our bodies will be folluted with chemicals that can bring in diseases. That’s all can tell them, i apologize if there is an error in delivery for the attention of my brethren say thank you

Wabillahhitaufik walhidayah

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, good morning everybody


Robots in the home part 2


3. Reading skills

A. Pre-reading questions

1.) Robot can make our lives better in the future with helping us to do our daily activities, such as cooking, sweeping, ironint, etc. Meanwhile, robots make our live worse because we are too dependent by the robots’s performance. Not only too dependent but also make us lazy to do something because all the duties have done by the robot.

2.) The kinds of robots we would like to see are the robots can write something what we say and the robots keep our safe 24hours a day.


B. Reading

1.) Gates suggests that soon robots will adopted in the home in the same way that personal computers have been.

2.) First, robots need a brain -a computer.

3.) If we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us.


C. Identifying topic and main idea

1.) c. robots in the home

2.) a. robots will improve our lives in many ways


E. Identifying opinions

a. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on       machines than ever.


Going beyond the text

3.) -Airline pilot

We disagree, because if the robot become the pilot, then the lives of passengers will be threatened in cause robots controlled by the system


We disagree, because cooking have to use the feeling and taste, meanwhile the robots don’t have them all


We disagree, because robots have been programmed by the systems, so they don’t know the new ill

-Police officer

We agree, because robots can watch out the traffic 24 hours a day, so no one can break the rule


We disagree, because the robots can not imitate human voice and robots’s voice not will as same as human voice

-Store clerk

We disagree, because the robots can not calculate and the robots can not understand what the buyers are ask

-Taxi driver

We agree, because it can help us to get where we want without any effort to employ people


We disagree, because the robots have programmed, so if we don’t understand the robots can not answers our questions

Expo Education

Monday evening on 9 May 2017 at 7:30 me and my friend visited the education expo in order to dies natalis untan.  I went to Dies Natalis Untan in Auditorium where there were many educational expo . For example UPT Bahasa , Amcor Untan , BCLC Untan , Kedai Prancis , Menwa , mipa faculty , and fkip Untan.That educational expo most of them graduated this year , because by this expo they can understand about Untan even only some of them shown .

I found many interesting expos and made me interested to approach him.

Finally we also approached the expo-expo that existed because expo-expo all displaying the works would have different advantages different from each of them all

  1. At First , I went to MIPA stand. In chemistry stand there were many products for example soap with the shape of flower , aroma theraphy and we also could practice the correct titrasi.
  2. Next to UPT Bahasa stand. What make it interesting is the free training for Untan students for english , france , etc
  3. Third to Amcor Untan Stand , but it closed and I took picture there . From what I know , Amcor used for seminar about english , because once I went there when I was a senior high school student.
  4. Four  to Menwa stand , there I met some Menwa members . They said the uniqueness of this stand are the awards . Because Menwa learn about discipline , martial arts  , etc .
  5. Next  to forestry faculty . There I saw many handicrafts and preparat.
  6. In statistic i go to studio data . There , people can analyze data by paying 20000 and there was also a photobooth .
  7. I come to Kedai Prancis , I like it because there was an eiffel tower and many offers about study in france .

8. in fkip Untan Which consists of chemistry, mathematics and biology in the stand there are animals like snakes, frogs that have been in durable use mercury and also there is a free blood type test, The camel fkip booth also provides blood pressure gauges, as well as the formula of the born and dalton atoms created by creative chemistry students


Dialog About Robots In The Home Dian Andriani and Kurnia Dewi

Dian    : Hello, good morning kurnia

Kurnia : Hello, good morning Dian, Dian I have a good idea for you

Dian     : What it is ?

Kurnia : I will make a robot

Dian     : Really ?are you serious ?

Kurnia : I am serious, I will make a robot.

Dian     : what one of the key feature your robots and describe its appearance and you want to give the

name of the robot ?

Kurnia : I think, I want make a robot look like winged horse anad I want give name the robots is smart


Dian    : good idea kurnia, I want to ask you. What do you want your robot to do ?

Kurnia : I want the robot to do to took me around the world.

Dian     : wow, how much price the robot your make if you will sell it ?

Kurnia : I will sell it the robot with price one hundred million.

Dian     : wow, its really smart. What the robots can do ?and how the robot will communicate ?

Kurnia : the robot can do is fly, can be usual horse and the robot is able to plowing wet rice field. The

robot can understand if we speak and the robot will respond your speak with appear writing in

foreheadit as response your question.

Dian     : its really good idea. I hope that your plan success

Kurnia : thank Dian for your prayer.

Dian     : your welcome kurnia.



My Bussines


For you who later will be a housewife, if you want to make business as good as its looking for opportunities that many people are interested in. As we all know in Indonesia, the majority of the population is Muslim, so Muslim dress and hijab in this country is needed. So if you open a business selling Muslim fashion will grow and many buyers.

To make Muslim dress and headscarf with a trends or own brand little need time to be widely known by the community, with it must prepare a design and convection colleagues who specifically handle Muslim clothes. Almost when Ramadhan month Muslim clothes will be many visitors to buy muslim clothes to wear during eid especially for women.

Women will look for new models because they do not want to be outdated, and we as sellers have to be careful and sell clothes with new models that will attract many buyers and boutiques that we open will be many who visit it. Opening a boutique business for Muslim clothing is a suitable business and requires a relatively small capital, and also now many women are proud to wear Muslim clothes from the clothes that do not cover the genitalia.

The first thing to consider when first opening a boutique business is to be brave to compete with other sellers, in the sense of competing in a healthy and no envy with others if many other boutique people who visit than our own boutique, as a beginner to open a business Naturally if not a lot to visit, the boutique is still empty customers, but it does not become a barrier to continue our business that we open it. And must keep the spirit to run the business so as not to close, so we have to find customers so that our business many enthusiasts.

How To Make Fried Chicken

1. prepare the chicken and then cut into the chicken into several parts
2. after the cut, wash the chicken until clean
3. after washing the chicken mixed with spices
4. after that the chicken is reheated with little water which the chicken has been added spice
5. after boiled chicken, and all the spices have been mixed then the chicken is lifted from the skillet and put in the plate
6. heat the frying pan with cooking oil
7. chicken in the input and sprinkle eggs and wheat flour
8. then fry the chicken
After chicken color rather brown, immediately lift the chicken and input in the dish
9. finally fried chicken ready to serve.

picture results



Ask an Expert

My brother had a class during high school who now lectures in advance, but we are studying different. He was a very humorous bias is said to be friends with her if we would always laugh a stomach ache because he is a man who every day are always cheerful even when in high school he belonged to ordinary people in the academic field. With a mediocre IQ does not make him inferior and always confident in front of people to show their ability. Although not a genius like friends classmates he always want to show themselves to the excess bias seen. The surplus that not all people have is to entertain others and makes others laugh it off as not having life problems. Such is the way to get along with others “he”. Let’s call him JOKO college student STKIP PGRI PONTIANAK he is now a student of the history of 4th semester, although half of 4, but he has a lot to show his skills on campus that can play a musical instrument, can sing although she did not sound like the artist famous artist, but can serve as entertainment. during his high school he was a very gregarious guy with a girl even though he, rarely he gathered during recess and class with a guy with a girl but her often. Until a friend’s boyfriend said he was fit to be a girl with style and her social and mouth speak out her. Until now I still college course he was friends with a girl, but not like before that befriended the girls, at least has been transformed from the first. Already today rarely gathered together with him because it’s known now have their own activities. He also always exercise drum band so busy every day. Although Jim is a man, but he had good at makeup while other people’s faces when he is an artisan performing arts make up the face without having paid or free because he is very happy to help people. His expertise clever make up the faces of is advantages that not all men possess. speak  briefly talk to him he tells a great student not only college students with high student achievement index. social community but not at all even in one house alone rarely speak so the atmosphere is tense, life should be enjoyed if not life always be serious. Life will never be colored if we just stuck with one thing we want to achieve, but we do not know what we will enjoy in the future, and that is really the purpose of our lives. We live only one life would that we use this one to the best of helpful essential to our own or others. Besides the key to success is hard work, thanks to what we have today and most importantly pray. lest we fail with this life, our purpose in life is to die, if we die what can we leave behind in this world if we are only busy during the lifetime of the business that are not important and beneficial. The important thing now is to divide time between study and worship our organization to the creator. Besides that confidence is the main thing for us to demonstrate our strengths to others until the other person is really  realized if we have advantages that others do not necessarily her have.


  2. Robots can make our lives better in the future with helping us our daily activities such as cooking, sweeping, ironing, etc.

Mean while robots make our loves worse because we are too dependent by the robots performance, a lot only too dependent but also  make us lazy  to do something because all the duties have done by the robots.

  1. the kind of robots we would to see are the robots can write something what we say, and the robots help our house 24 hours a day.


  2. getes suggest that robots will be adopted in the home in the home way that personal computer have been.
  3. first robots needs a brain a computer
  4. if we are alone, they will help us company any entertain us.


  2. C. Robots n the home
  3. A. Robots will improve our lives in many ways


  2. all technology has done is to make our lives busier and more dependent on machines that ever.




We disagree, because if the robots into the pilot, then the lives of passanggers will the reatened in cause  robots controlled by the system

  • COOK

We disagree, because cooking have to use the feehing and taste, meanwhile the robots don’t have it all.


We disagree, because robots have programmed by the systems so they don’t know the now ill.



Hello, the successor to the nation, i will tell with you  if this life without education, many people think that education is important but not a few who think that education is not important, especially for people living in rural and remote  areas they consider that education is not important for they better work than school why work can make money while school just throwing of money, of education more we get especially knowledge. Education gives us a lot of knowledge about various things and everything related to the world, education to provide insight thinking wrong thoughts of our mind and provide clear picture of the things that are around us to avoid confusion so as evoke the spirit within back again that education is very important for us because it not only gives us knowledge but teach us about manners and respect the right things. Foster education we become individual who are mature individuals who are able to plan the future and make the right decisions in life. Good education will make us more humane. If the above me said that one of the reasons people think that education is less important because the school is not still hard to find work. Than  that we change the way  they think that with education we can easily get a job, as long  as it attempted and positive thinking alone. Although education is not registered in the three basic human needs are food, clothing, and home but education is as important as three things. Education can help the progress of the nation for the future of the nation safe in the hands of educated people. Education is essential for social development and economic growth of the nation. Therefore, education is very important we can’t  imagine  if live without education, this life will be messed up everybody does not know to read and write there are no rules in life, Do not know about manners, Do not know about the development of the technology and how to use  theme due to lack of knowledge. Therefore there is  a saying pursue science down to the land of CHINA,  of the adage that we can draw the conclusion that wherever we are education is very important for us to pursue, so us not to be left behind and can advances this country.


Hello friends , remain faithful to read my blog posts .good I’ll tell you a little about my skills .what you know about what skills it? Skill is the ability of a person someone is different depending .skill certainly.skill usually comes from a hobby we, with our hobby we’ve always dug up to be a human skill.every created with the advantages and disadvantages of each and every person has the skills each on her self.skill divided into two kinds of hard skills and intellectual skills while softskill.hardskill is a soft skill that is have the ability at someone on her I think I also have the skills, although not in hardskill I also have skills in my softskill Initially I thought I did not have any skills because in a particular field eg in making crafts I rarely although once could have taught a few times, and in playing musical instruments such as guitars have often once I learned to teach builders say that I could not competent in the field  talked about.i started to search what is actually a skill that is in me and I have because I am confused that really became the   my skills. I finally found my skill is cooking why I can say to cook because I like to cook, although not very good at cooking at least from a hobby over time will become a skill.i delighted if asked to help cooking aids especially if asked to make a cake like cookie day of celebration at end of  fasting month . above all made cake her celebration at end of fasting month , day passes are not felt until iftar. I love to make her less although I want to eat it .i would love to be an expert cook can let  go through with order that i can cooking  all the family and my mother did not need to cook longer.honest my mother’s cooking was awful but my opinion does not yet certainly by others. because they say the mother tastier dishes from cuisines of others therefore I say my mother’s cooking delicious.because say food would you find if it is far away from their parents my mother cuisine is also felt at this time greatly missed by mother’s cooking I .sometimes we cook exactly the same as mother’s cooking, but it will feel incomplete because it is not our own mother’s cooking though others say our cuisine tasty but according to our own dishes were still less than perfect for us person.that I tasted During overseas this.back more storytelling skills challenge me.finnaly certainly know now what my skill, my skill is cooking.why cooking because I think the days have passed unnoticed cooking runs every time and also with cooking can dispose of saturation and longing with her beloved mother.
Thus, each skill you can let you know the skill that is in each of you like me who have found that me.although skill that every woman can do.
Thank you for taking the time Yag read my blog.
see you to the next time to my next blogs.